Liv's Animal Rescue Habitats

Posted by Jeffrey on

Hello it's Liv again and this is my second blog which I'm very happy about and today I'm going to talk about my creativity and how I express it through animals and stuff. So recently I had a lizard I named him Zucci which is short for zucchini so I did a bunch of research on what they eat and stuff and I kinda saved him from a neighborhood cat. Then before that I had a little skink named Murray as in German Murray means "Lord of the sea". I made both of them habitats out of a little tupperware box. I got dirt, sticks, plants, and from my clay mold set I got a little plate and I put little worms and fruit on them. I did let both of them go already. I do love wildlife and all that and I do wish I could keep every lizard I catch and every snail and butterfly and ladybug and inchworm but it's just not nice to keep animals captive. I do make so many habitats with all the things I can find and take a little disc and put water in it. I make little hideouts of little plastic containers. I always ask my mom "can I keep them" and she says "outside". If I'm not drawing or catching the lizard outside I'm usually asking my mom for a pet too. I just love the thought of having so many animals that want to be around you and all that. I can only keep the animals that I have for a day or two days, it's just that in my heart I know that I shouldn't keep them for their whole life that they rather be free instead of in a container that food goes in, that's why I like to put time and creativity in to animals that will love me for as long as they can.

Thank you for your time, this blog was by... Liv:)