Introducing Olivia, aka Livi, aka Liv

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Hi, i’m Liv and i’m 10, i'm the youngest on the design team and love that i’m even on the team. 

First I thought it would be really hard to come up with such creative ideas but when I came up with my first shirt I fell in love! 

Before all that I was obsessed with animals and all my stuffed animals. My first ever stuffed animal was a polar bear that my uncle Joseph or when I was little I called him “Jofus” gave me. 

Now for my love for the real thing, real animals, I love a variety of creatures. It is where I use my creativity which I think is awesome. Right now I have a dog, a cat and 3 fish. Baily, the family dog is lazy but still adorable in her own way. Hope aka Schmitty is my cat, she is a calico and a rag doll, she is sassy but she still sleeps with me at night and i love her so much.  My fish are two neon fish and one blood fin fish. Their names are “Cheez-it” “Cucumber” and “Goggles”.  The one pet I will always remember is a lizard named “Rico”. 

Rico has a very interesting story… One day I was watching my phone and my cat walk to the middle of the room and hacked up some black and yellow thing on my floor. I got off my bed and it was a lizard. I grabbed him and just stood there and then after that I raised him as my own till I was holding him and he died:(

Now back to the shirts, I haven't made many shirts. It's really hard to make up creative and clever ideas and that's why it takes a lot of time. Some of it comes from other things we see somewhere else and then we can put into our own words. I love making my own type of shirt to wear and show other people.

Liv S.
10 years old, Designer, Creative Expert