Introducing Mia, our 13 year old Designer

Posted by Jeffrey on

Hey I’m Mia, and I love photography. Photography has been my favorite hobby, it just makes me feel so happy. Taking pictures can either be very easy or very hard, creativity is key in photography. Creativity is sometimes pretty hard for me, but sometimes it comes naturally and that’s something I love about photography. The fact that you can express yourself through a picture is amazing. I love taking pictures of nature or the outdoors, because some of the most amazing things come from outdoors. Sunsets are my absolute favorite thing to take a photo of, there are no two sunsets alike, each one of them is entirely different and unique. 
I have tried to make money off of my artwork, I sold quite a few pieces, but I wasn’t proud of who I sold my artwork to. Only my family and friends were buying pieces. That made me feel like they were buying just out of guilt, but then I had realized they are the only people I would want to buy my artwork. I say this because they are the people that care about me the most, and who I care about the most. 
My first camera was a little silver digital camera, I was around 3 when I got and my family went to Washington DC for a triathlon my dad was competing in. I took pictures of just about everything I could see, and I obviously was loving it. I just recently got my first professional camera, it is a Canon. My dad got it for me for my birthday, it is so much fun to look professional while taking pictures. It took me a while getting used to using such an advanced camera, because before then I was just using my phone. I took some pretty good pictures using my phone but it just feels so much better using the camera that I have now. 
Photography is so fun and sometimes very simple so if you're looking for a new hobby this definitely a great possibility. You can have so much fun, and adventure to new places at the same time you're taking amazingly cool pictures. I hope this blog gave you some inspiration to be creative!
            -Mia S.